Small Victories

I’ve been taking it slowly, one battle at a time. It’s amazing how many things you can mindlessly do in the US, that flip you on your head when attempting to do in another country. Things like shopping, laundry, using a cell phone, ordering takeout, meeting up with friends, and even changing batteries are practically like breathing when you’re a native. But when you are transplanted into a different country, you’re just another confused foreigner. Most of the time, I screw up, buy the wrong thing, take the wrong turn, or hit a language barrier, but every once in a while, I earn a small victory. These little victories are what keeps the morale up; a small break in the clouds of perpetual bewilderment.

I’ve had lots of small victories. Things like finding, buying, and changing the batteries to my bike night lights. I found out it’s illegal to cruise around on an unlit bike in the dark. I had no idea after quite a few night rides. I recently figured out the laundry machine in my apartment as well. I had to of course find, buy, and translate the laundry detergent with the help of Google translate. I then had to use it to translate, and slowly decipher all of the Danish buttons and icons on the machine. Finally, still confused as to how to properly use this detergent in powder form, I just poured in what looked like a decent amount, closed the door, and sat there staring for 30 minutes to ensure nothing exploded in suds. It didn’t. Although, I did manage to trip the electrical breaker and lose all power, but anyway, let’s stay on task.
The clothes came out smelling like a 7/10 on the freshness scale. A 4 point improvement from before they went through the wash. To me, that’s a small victory, hoorah!

Now it’s on to the next battle, making my first commute to work via bicycle and trains, all in dress clothes.

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