Just a few thoughts

Warning: This is unedited. I just wanted to get some words down since I haven’t posted anything in a while. I apologize in advance for any poor grammar.

Denmark is a great country, and Copenhagen is a beautiful city. The ocean is clean and the people are friendly. Everything is neat and orderly, and everyone follows the rules, especially the crosswalks. Even if it’s 3am and there’s nobody else on the streets….I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

The Danish Tax authority is an evil entity. Yes, it does provide a really nice sense of security for the Danish people, free college, free day care, and is probably why Denmark is always the happiest country in the world. But then its payday and you see a whopping 44% of your income taken away. It hurts. Even now I’m attempting to fend off the tax man from taking another 3,250 Kroner a month for some reason that is still unclear to me. The letter was completely in Danish, but my instincts hinted at a government agency trying to collect money.

So many important documents that get sent to my mailbox are in Danish. I guess that’s expected, but for some reason it still offends me. I guess that’s the biggest tell to people that I’m an American damnit!

I have an idea for the next YouTube sensation. I should just video tape myself using Google Translate to decipher important documents that are only in Danish. The emotional rollercoaster that I experience while typing each word of a Danish sentence, while trying to simultaneously comprehend Google’s questionable translation, would take the internet world by storm.

It’s always sunny…..always. You would think that would be an amazing thing. But when it’s 4am and you start to get sweaty from the sunlight piercing through your blinds on a Tuesday morning, you curse these high latitudes. Everyone tells me that I will be eating these words in the middle of January.

Brightly colored Nike’s can be worn for every occasion in Denmark. You have a navy blue suit to wear to a huge business meeting….pair it with some neon orange Nike’s and you’re in business!

If you wear a helmet while riding your bike, you’re a loser…or a tourist. I can say that because I’m not a tourist….because I pay taxes.

I have the answer for how any country can solve identity theft. Only send important information in snail mail. But don’t ever put all the important information that belongs together, in the same piece of snail mail. The key is to disperse each number, ID, activation password, code number, and username in its own letter, and send them separately. By the time the correct person gets everything they need and puts the puzzle of information together, they’ll either be kicked out of the country, or will have died from old age. No more identity theft!

But this shouldn’t turn into a roast of Denmark. One of the coolest parts of living in Europe is how small my carbon footprint has become. I ride a bike everywhere, take public transport to work, live in a smurf size apartment, can count my personal belongings on my two hands, and recycle pretty much everything. Have I become a full blown hippie you ask? I don’t think so.

The key is everything is so expensive that people can’t afford to buy lots of stuff or live in big homes. There are no Wal-Mart’s here. That means you don’t collect junk, while the things you do purchase are of really high quality. Then all of a sudden you don’t need the space to store your junk, or invest the time to clean your junk. Think about it….

The Danes are all about family. I think that’s why there are so many holidays and vacation time. The workplace reflects this attitude in that there doesn’t seem to be any corporate ladder climbers (i.e. brown-nosers) or the arms race that is number of hours logged in front of your computer at your cubicle. As a young college grad armed with a degree, ready to make a name for myself, it is a tad confusing.

Sundays are for homesickness. Maybe because that’s when everyone back home (and here) has family get-togethers, or if I just have too much free time on that day to sit and think. In all likelihood it’s probably a little bit of both.

Face timing with family, as well as receiving mail from home is amazing. I don’t know how people could move far away without either one. Every card that I’ve received is hanging on the door and I’m wearing my throwback Cleveland Browns t-shirt courtesy of Aunt Barb right now.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of all the family and friends back at home. The farther away I find myself, the more I realize how irreplaceable they all are to me. It is mind blowing to think of how so many amazing people are in one place, all at the same time, and were/are willing enough to share their lives with me. It makes me feel like the luckiest person on Earth.

One thought on “Just a few thoughts

  1. Wow Al, I mailed that on your Mom’s birthday, your welcome! I wanted to find a Manzell T, but still don’t know if “Johnny will b good”!! Take care and thanks for blogging! xox

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