I experienced Christiania on Saturday night and was not disappointed. I had heard it is a unique place, and the rumors proved to be correct. Right in the middle of the city of Copenhagen there is a self governing hippie community. It started as a couple of squatters living in an abandoned military base in 1971, and the Danish government never kicked them out. Now, its a community made up of 850 free spirited individuals where national Danish law doesn’t apply.
The best comparison I could make to the environment in the commune is to that of Woodstock. Lots of tree houses, spray paint art, unidentified green plants in baggies, and a slight skunk smell to the air. I assume there was a dead skunk right around the corner….must’ve been hit by a bicycle.

There were two rules in this community, and they were
1) No photos
2) No running

No photos I get; Christiania has been subject to police raids from time to time and they want to keep a low profile. I think the Danish police take a don’t ask, don’t tell stance on this community, and pictures all over instagram would bring unwanted attention.

I don’t understand the second rule, but I assume running would just kill the Christiania vibe.

So anyway, it was really cool experience, and I think every major city should have a small hippie paradise in it. It gives people a place to escape their everyday lives, and for just a few hours (or days) let their freak flags fly.

Here’s to you Josh Gordon.

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